Monday, December 12, 2016

Updates on My 2016, 2017, & 2019 Novels

I'm incredibly honored to announce that The Steep and Thorny Way was named a Kirkus Best Teen Book of 2016. Thank you so much to Kirkus for this much-appreciated recognition for the novel!

The Steep and Thorny Way was also honored in the Chicago Public Library's Best Teen Fiction of 2016, Barnes & Noble Teen Bloggers' Favorite Books of 2016, and Capitol Choices 2016 nominees. I couldn't be prouder.

Now that I've wrapped up all of my 2016 celebrations for the release of both The Steep and Thorny Way and Yesternight, I'll let you in on some behind-the-scenes news for my next two novels.

Odd & True, Coming Fall 2017

In case you haven't yet heard, I have a brand-new young adult novel in the works, Odd & True, and it's scheduled for publication in Fall 2017. I just wrapped up the line edits stage with my Amulet Books editor, Maggie Lehrman, and the novel is now in copyediting. I've seen an early sketch for the cover design, but I probably won't be able to reveal the cover or share the official synopsis until sometime in the first three to four months of 2017.

However, because I know that's a long time to wait, I'll share two of my favorite lines from the first chapter right now . . .  

Odd & True is an extremely personal novel for me, and yet it's also my most fantastical tale. I love it dearly and can't wait to share more about it in the new year.

The 2019 Novel

Yes, I also have a 2019 novel in the works! It's the second novel of my two-book YA deal for Odd & True, but it won't be a sequel. My editor recently approved my plans for another standalone historical novel, and I'm currently immersed in the research stage. I won't yet reveal the subject matter, but I will say it involves a real-life figure from the past. Once you hear who that person is, I think you'll agree it sounds like someone I'd write about.

I do have a yearning to write an Odd & True sequel, but I'm waiting for the ideas to further develop, plus I want to see how the first book does next year. I'll spread the word when options for preordering Odd & True become available.

You can add the novel to your Goodreads shelf here:

Happy holidays!

Warmest wishes,

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

My Final Two 2016 Appearances

I have two more 2016 appearances left, and then, aside from one library visit in January, I'm taking a long break from events to concentrate on writing deadlines and family until the release of Odd & True in Fall 2017. Here's where you can find me in November 2016:

Saturday, November 5, 2016
Portland, OR
Pop-up reading of THE STEEP AND THORNY WAY - 3:00-3:15 pm, Portland Art Museum.
Panel - Family Drama: Past/Present/Future YA - 4:30-5:30 pm, Oregon Historical Society.

Saturday, November 19, 2016
Hoffman Center for the Arts, Manzanita, OR
Workshop: Writing Scary - 1:00-3:30 pm. Registration required, $30.
Reading and signing for YESTERNIGHT - 7:00 pm. Admission, $7. 

I'm so grateful that I had the chance to appear at so many conferences, festivals, and other events in 2016. Thank you to my Abrams publicist, Caitlin Miller, and to all of the event coordinators who invited me to speak and helped to arrange for my travels!

If you're interested in booking me in 2017, please note that I'm taking my break from January through mid-June 2017. Not only will I be wrapping up my Odd & True edits and working on a new YA that's due next year, but my daughter is graduating from high school in 2017. I want to savor her last semester home before she takes off for college. I will be available for some summer events, and then I'll be back to diving into appearances in Fall 2017.

In other news, my latest release for adults, Yesternight, is currently being featured in the "Target Picks" section of Target stores!

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