Monday, July 28, 2014


I'm incredibly excited to announce that I sold a third young adult novel to Amulet Books: The Steep and Thorny Way. Here's the official announcement from Publishers Marketplace:

IN THE SHADOW OF BLACKBIRDS and THE CURE FOR DREAMING author Cat Winters's THE STEEP AND THORNY WAY, pitched as inspired by HAMLET, a half-white, half-black girl in 1920's Oregon must deal with Prohibition, the KKK, and her father's murder, to Maggie Lehrman and Erica Finkel at Amulet, by Barbara Poelle at the Irene Goodman Agency (world English).
Translation: Baror International

The Steep and Thorny Way is slated to be released Spring 2016, and I'm thrilled to pieces that Amulet Books, the same publisher of my first two YAs, will be helping me bring it into the world. I'm so pleased with their work on my other novels.

Thank you to my indefatigable agent, Barbara Poelle, and Amulet Books for making this sale possible!

As always, keep an eye on this site for future updates about this book and my other projects.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Deadlines, Advance Copies, a TV Spotlight, and a Puppy: My Super-Busy Summer of 2014

June and the first half of July have rushed by in a blur. I've been astoundingly busy working on multiple books at once, as well as promoting both In the Shadow of Blackbirds and The Cure for Dreaming. I'm coming up for a quick breather to share my latest news.

The ALA Annual Conference in Las Vegas. At the end of June I got to attend this amazing gathering of librarians and authors and saw the advance reading copies of The Cure for Dreaming for the first time. Thanks so much to my publisher Amulet Books/Abrams for sending me!

Here are two more photos of the advance copies:

The Uninvited. During the month of June and up to this past week, I worked diligently on edits for my William Morrow/HarperCollins adult novel, which is tentatively scheduled for publication on May 5, 2015. My HarperCollins editor, Lucia Macro, visited Portland in June, and I received the opportunity to have lunch with her and discuss her suggestions for the book. A cover should be in the works soon, and I'll also likely be able to share an official synopsis sometime in the coming months. For now, it's shrouded in a bit of mystery . . .

Filming! Last Thursday and Friday, a film crew came to my house and followed me around Portland for an upcoming episode of Oregon Art Beat, Oregon Public Broadcasting's Emmy Award-winning local arts series. My feature is tentatively scheduled to air in the fall, probably right around the time of the release date and launch party for The Cure for Dreaming. The segment will appear online as well as on TV. Below are some pictures from the filming, including one of me with my weekly Thursday-morning writing and coffee group, which will be included in the feature. 

(Left to right) Me, Teri Brown, Kelly Garrett, videographer Todd, and Miriam Forster.

 Producer Katrina Sarson, setting up an interview with me at Portland's White House.

The Secret Project! When I'm not working on my adult novel or running off somewhere to promote my books, I'm hard at work on a secret new project that I need to turn in to one of my editors by mid November. Hopefully, I'll get to talk more about it soon.

Me at the Tillamook County Library
Tillamook Library Talk! The wonderful Tillamook County Library in Tillamook, Oregon, spotlighted In the Shadow of Blackbirds for their 2014 Teen Summer Reading Program. Earlier this month, teens got to create their own spirit photographs, and last night I visited the library and chatted about the novel. Thanks to the library for hosting me and to all of the sharp and insightful teenagers who showed up and asked me questions.
Little Wilbur.
Wilbur! My family has a new puppy. His name is Wilbur, and he's a four-month-old American Eskimo. He's keeping us quite busy and entertained, and, luckily, my husband, a high school teacher, is home for the summer to help out with the training.

All right, back to work for me. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the summer (or winter, if you're down in the Southern Hemisphere).