Saturday, July 31, 2010

Upcoming ghost movies

I've already tweeted this news, but I thought I'd also mention here that there are two highly intriguing-sounding ghost movies in the works:

Directed by Guillermo del Toro
Yes, there's already been a less-than-successful Eddie Murphy movie version of Disney's Haunted Mansion ride, so it may not seem like another such a film would be a wise idea. However, the man behind the new version is the Pan's Labyrinth writer/director, whose films are a far cry from Eddie Murphy comedies. According to, the Disneyland ride is "a way of life" for del Toro.  As a person who grew up a half hour away from Disneyland and fell in love with the ride at an early age, I can completely understand. Here's a clip of del Toro discussing his ideas for the movie at Comic-Con:

The Woman in BlackTHE WOMAN IN BLACK
Starring Danielle Radcliffe

I saw a stage adaptation of Susan Hill's chilling Victorian ghost story when I studied theater in London, and I remember absolutely loving the gothic tale.  Daniel Radcliffe will star as a young lawyer who's hired to settle an estate at the sinister Eel Marsh House. According to the The Woman in Black's IMDB site, filming will begin this fall and the film is scheduled to be released in 2011.

Keep the spooky tales coming, filmmakers!  We could use more of the ghostly ones.

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Ara Burklund said...

Both look like fun! I'm glad Disney agreed to giving it another try with the Haunted Mansion movie.