Saturday, September 25, 2010

Celebrating with Christopher Walken and Edgar Allan Poe

Poe's Raven Crow Art Large Zippered Canvas Tote BagInspiration hit me as I was ridding the house of sick-kid germs today.

In my last post I mentioned I was rethinking my title, Blackbirds, because my latest critique partner said the blackbirds references are too subtle. While the vacuum was humming this morning, the gears in my head were spinning, and I figured out a beautifully creepy way of incorporating my theme of dark birds into a crucial part of the plot. I can't reveal my idea yet, but I'm doing a happy little dance as I type (well, not really, but I'm dancing on the inside). I love it when inspiration strikes me like that!

In celebration, here's a clip of Christopher Walken reading Poe's "The Raven":


Ara Burklund said...

Awesome! Much creepier than the the Simpsons' reading of the story. : )

Cat Winters said...

There's also Christopher Walken reading Goodnight Moon...on The Simpsons:

Kim Murphy said...

I must have missed a couple of posts, but I didn't say your title was too subtle. :-) I asked if you meant for it to be subtle. Dare I say, there's a subtle difference! Insert evil laugh. I'm glad things seem to be going well. How I want to write fiction again!

Cat Winters said...

Kim: I was worried that if you had to ask if I meant it to be subtle, then it may be too subtle. In any case, I've come up with an idea for the blackbirds that's new since we last chatted. I'll run it by you in a note after I play around with it some more. It's a tiny bit out there, but I think it'll work for the story.

P.S. Shouldn't you be celebrating your B-day instead of hanging out here?