Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Lucky 13s

I joined The Lucky 13s, a group of children's and young adult fiction authors debuting in 2013. That year might seem eons away right now, but 2013 books will have cover reveals, advance review copy giveaways, and other fun treats during the next twelve-plus months. Furthermore, all year long we'll be interviewing The Apocalypsies, kid-lit authors with debuts in 2012.

In honor of the 13th day of the month today, we Lucky 13s are offering 13-word summaries of our books. If you want a glimpse into your reading future, head on over for a taste of 2013 releases:

Yes, there's also a group for 2011 releases: The Elevensies.

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Ara Burklund said...

Love the quick blurbs! Fascinating to see what's already sold for 2013. Thanks for posting the link!