Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Question of the Month: Have You Ever Captured a Ghostly Image?

One of my ghostly Maine photos.
I'm launching a new feature today: The Question of the Month. Unless I'm bogged down with revisions, I'll try to launch a reading, movie, or ghost-related question on the first day of every month.

Here's the December question:

Spirit communication, especially spirit photography, plays a huge role in the plot of In the Shadow of Blackbirds. In the future I'll be sharing some highly entertaining spirit photos from the heyday of the Spiritualist movement, but for now let's talk about YOUR experiences with capturing ghosts. Have you ever come across a misty figure that wasn't noticeable when you first took a picture? Do you tend to get mysterious orbs or weird traces of light when you snap photos in certain locations?

I'm attaching my own spooky photos, which I took in Maine during a vacation in the late nineties. Professional photographers have explained what probably occurred to my film (yes, this was back when I still used film), but I prefer thinking of the images as a running ghost (the photo above) and a phantom couple (the photo below).

If you have a ghost photo of your own you'd like to share, feel free to add a link in the comments section of this post.


Ara Burklund said...

Wow! Cool image! My sister took a photo of me (a believer) and my little brother (an atheist) in St. Patrick's cathedral in New York, and the picture turned out all smeared funny, looking like something was running in front of where we stood, even though no one else was anywhere near us.

Cat Winters said...

Ooh, I bet that was fascinating to find that image on the picture! I think the fact that it was taken in a cathedral makes it all the eerier.

Just had to check out St. Patrick's, and I see there are indeed ghost legends for the site: