Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Seven-Year-Old's Cover Design for My Novel

My kids have been speculating what the cover of In the Shadow of Blackbirds will look like, and I've told them it will still be a while before we get to that stage, plus a professional designer will be involved. Not quite satisfied with that response, my seven-year-old son decided to design a cover of his own. I told him I'd share it on this site.

No, he hasn't read the novel (it's YA! He's seven!). He only knows some of the basic plot details. The half circle above the title is the moon, by the way.

My twelve-year-old daughter has an intriguing promotional idea for the book, so this won't be the last of my kids' involvement with the novel. I'm sure it's not always easy having a writer for a parent, especially when Mom's brain drifts away from the real world and wanders into the realm of plotting. Therefore, I'm thrilled to bits that my wonderfully patient offspring are enjoying my publishing adventures with me.


Ara Burklund said...

That is so sweet!!! What a cutie!!! Love the blackbird sitting on the tree branch. : )

Cat Winters said...

Thanks, Ara. He's really hoping Amulet takes his cover design into consideration. :)