Thursday, March 1, 2012


There's a Frankenstein connection to In the Shadow of Blackbirds (I won't say how at this point—I'm sealing my lips closed about the plot until there's an official synopsis). Therefore, I have a soft spot for Frankenstein stories, especially Tim Burton's tributes to Mary Shelley's classic tale of horror. He's given us Edward Scissorhands and his short live-action film "Frankenweekie," and now he's created a full-length stop-motion version of Frankenweekie, which will hit movie theaters this upcoming Halloween season.

Here's the just-released trailer:

The main character, Victor, is the spitting image of The Corpse Bride's Victor, but in the world of Tim Burton, characters often look and sound like each other, and that's just how it goes. He's even using past Burton cast members for the voices, such as Winona Ryder, Catherine O'Hara, and Martin Landau.

Yes, I'll definitely be seeing Frankenweenie this October. My weakness for Frankenstein tales and Tim Burton movies will be impossible to fight.

If you're curious about the original 1984 version, here's an early example of Burton filmmaking:


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to finding out the connection to your book and watching Frankenweenie. I'm a Tim Burton fan as well :-)

Safari Poet

Cat Winters said...

It's definitely a good year to be a Tim Burton fan with both Dark Shadows and Frankenweenie in the works!

The Frankenstein influences on my book will be pretty apparent once I have a synopsis to reveal. I'm looking forward to sharing more. :-)