Monday, June 4, 2012

2013 YA Book Covers

To celebrate the increasing emergence of 2013 book covers, I've created a Pinterest board called 2013 Book Cover Love, and I plan to keep the page as updated as I possibly can as artwork appears. Here's a snippet of the board:

View the entire board here.

I'll continually add the covers of books written by my fellow 2013 debut YA and middle-grade novelists, as well as the works of seasoned authors and adult-fiction writers.

I love seeing next year's titles grouped together like this and comtemplating whether or not there are any cover trends for the coming year. Head over to the board, and then please come back to tell me what you think. So far, I've personally noticed the use of lights in several of the covers. The colors purple, green, white, and brown also seem popular.

I don't have any news to share about my In the Shadow of Blackbirds cover yet, but here's the design for fellow Amulet Books author A.G. Howard's January 2013 release, Splintered:

Gorgeous, isn't it? The designer is Maria T. Middleton.


Anonymous said...

All the covers are beautiful. Now following you on Pinterest. Looking forward to your cover :-)

Safari Poet

Cat Winters said...

Thanks so much, Petra! I agree that all the covers are beautiful. I've heard through the grapevine that several January 2013 covers will debut in the coming weeks.

Sarah said...

It looks like the "headless" trend is finished. It can work really well with certain books, but it's also fun to see full faces for 2013. I'm loving your board and will check back with it often.

Can't wait to see your cover for BLACKBIRDS!

Cat Winters said...

You're right: we're seeing full heads and even entire bodies in these early-2013 releases! And, so far, less ball gowns, although that may change as more of the historical covers show up.

My historical protagonist never wears a ball gown (a quarantine in her city due to the Spanish influenza closes all public events), so I'm guessing there won't be any frilly dresses on mine...but we'll see.

I can't wait to see the cover for BRUISED!

Elsie Chapman said...

How can I not love this post, Cat? Very cool. And Blackbirds will be gorgeous, I just know it!

Cat Winters said...

Your DUALED cover is part of what makes the board so exciting and eye-catching, Elsie! I love the use of lights in your novel's artwork.

Thanks for your kind words about the Blackbirds cover. I'm really curious to see which part of my story the designer will highlight.

Ara Burklund said...

I love this! Cool idea to pin the 2013 covers on pinterest! Makes it easy to see everything in one place. Can't wait to see your cover!!!

Cat Winters said...

Thanks, Ara! I was going to post some of the covers directly on this site, but I realized Pinterest would be so much easier .

I can't wait to see the cover for BLACKBIRDS either! I may be getting a glimpse by the end of the summer. :)

Anita Grace Howard said...

Cat, thanks for spotlighting my cover here! You rock! Can't wait to see the upcoming covers myself, and you know how excited I am to see what yours will look like! :)

Cat Winters said...

You're welcome, Anita! I LOVE YOUR COVER! The designers at Amulet are amazing.