Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Back from the Land of Tornadoes and Ralphie Parker

I'm back from my vacation to Ohio, where I visited with family, hid out in the Smucker's basement during a tornado warning (which was terrifying for a person who isn't from tornado country!), toured the house where they filmed A Christmas Story, and had dinner with fellow 2013 debut YA novelist Jennifer McGowan.

I'm making this post short but sweet due to jet lag, but I wanted to make sure my Lucky 13s giveaway announcement wasn't the top story on the site. That contest ended Sunday, and the winner was announced here. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Ralphie's house from A Christmas Story.


Emma Pass said...

A tornado warning? Eep. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip apart from that, though!

Cat Winters said...

The tornado warning part was frightening, and the journey back to Oregon was an ordeal, but everything else was wonderful. I really feel for people who live in tornado country. Those Midwestern U.S. summer storms are powerful.

Ara Burklund said...

Wow! That sucks! Tornadoes scare the hell out of me. Glad you're okay! Sounds like the trip home was grueling.

Cat Winters said...

I think the scariest part of the tornado adventure was reemerging from the basement when we got the clear and hearing a major thunder-/rainstorm directly overhead that reminded M. and I of being in Disneyland's Tiki Room. It made me appreciate our wimpy little west-coast storms.