Thursday, February 14, 2013


It's my book trailer reveal day! Head over to The Mod Podge Bookshelf for an exclusive look at the video, enter the giveaway, and then come back here to learn about the song featured in the trailer: "Under the Fate of the Blue Moon" by Jill Tracy.

About "Under the Fate of the Blue Moon":
This dreamily enchanting piece by Jill Tracy is a "waltz to make wishes come true." (Composed on the rare Blue Moon New Year and recorded the night of the total Lunar Eclipse Solstice, Dec 20, 2010.) Make a wish while listening and be lured by its haunting spell.

Photo by Audrey Penven
About Jill Tracy:
Jill Tracy will transport you into a seductive and magical realm far beyond the Everyday. The place where we wished we lived. A dark, elegant netherworld full of hidden passageways, wonder cabinets, and opium dens. Of monsters, marvels and mayhem. You know it’s not safe here; but with Jill Tracy as your guide, you’ll be in no hurry to leave.

The San Francisco-based singer/pianist/storyteller and “musical evocateur” has garnered multiple awards and a passionate following for her eerie and beautiful cinematic music, sophisticated lyrics, old-world glamour, and curious passion for strange tales.

Hailed a “femme fatale for the thinking man” by the San Francisco Chronicle, Jill Tracy was described by NPR’s All Things Considered as “utterly intriguing, transporting you into a magical world solely of her creation.”

LA Weekly has deemed her “the cult darling of the Underworld.”

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For more information about In the Shadow of Blackbirds, visit the new website for the novel,

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