Thursday, April 25, 2013

Blogger Love for IN THE SHADOW OF BLACKBIRDS (Thank You, Bloggers!)

My lovely UK publicist put together this amazing compilation of In the Shadow of Blackbirds blogger reviews. Blogger love for this book has been incredible, and I'm extremely grateful for everyone who's been helping me spread the word about the novel.


See below a list of quotes and links to full reviews that have hit the blogosphere so far . . . with many more still to come.

‘I don’t need to be a clairvoyant to see the future that lies ahead of Cat Winters and her debut: awards, critical acclaim, translations to more languages than I can name (and I can name a lot of languages). If you squint at the cover, you can already see the shiny William C. Morris medal in the top left corner, possibly even a Printz.’ Full review from The Nocturnal Library here

It is creepy and sad and amazing and so perfect.’ Preview post from: Carina and full review here

‘Cat Winters is a very promising debut author and one I have added not only to my favourite list but my auto buy list.’ Full review from Read, Write and Read Some More here

In the Shadow of Blackbirds is more of an experience than it is a book. It’s haunting, emotional and wonderfully written, but it’s also educational and thought-provoking. Some striking photographs from this historical period feature throughout, adding an extra special touch to this remarkable debut novel.’ Full review from A Realm of Fiction here

‘I was completely  lost in this story and read the whole book in two days. It is definitely one I want to hand out to people and insist they read. I absolutely loved this book and I was quite taken with how wonderful it truly is. Definitely a  dark horse that needs to be explored further.’ Full review from Serendipity Reviews here

‘I will definitely be checking out more by the author and will recommend this book, with its haunting images and brilliant storyline to every reader.’ Full review from Read-a-raptor here

‘It scared me to the point that at times I wanted to put it down & come back to it later...however much I wanted to I couldn’t, it has me wanting to read on even when it spooked me.’ Full review from The YA Bookshelf here

A gripping, emotional, and heartbreaking read. I can say without a doubt that In the Shadow of Blackbirds is one of my favourite standalone books of the year so far.’ Full review from The Page Turner here

Mary Shelley Black is a great narrator.’ Full review from Book Angel Booktopia here

This novel is one that will stay with you for days and one that I can imagine myself re-reading again at a later date. It is a novel with a strong heroine that many feminists would be proud to read about. But truly it is simply Cat Winters and her amazing talent that should draw people to this book. I just really don’t think you should be missing out on this hauntingly brilliant book.’ Full review from The Daydreamers Thoughts here

‘In the Shadow of Blackbirds completely surpassed all of my expectations – Cat Winters’ debut is absolutely magnificent.’ Full review from The Aussie Zombie here

IN THE SHADOW OF BLACKBIRDS is haunting, thrilling and very emotional. Full review from Kate Ormand’s blog here

‘The world building was haunting along with those photographs attached to the book which enriches the spookiness of the story.’ Full review from Pages from my Thoughts here

‘This book will definitely win the hearts of fans of YA historical novels like The Diviners or The Masque of the Red Death.’ Full review from Daydreaming Bookworm here

In the Shadow of Blackbirds, Cat Winters * 978-1419705304* Amulet

An added bit of news for readers of this post: an In the Shadow of Blackbirds audiobook will be available from Recorded Books later this year! 

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