Monday, May 13, 2013

A Few Quick Notes before Disappearing into the Writing Cave

I'm currently on a deadline for my next novel, The Cure for Dreaming. Therefore, this website will be a little quieter for the next two months or so, and I won't be doing as many guest posts and interviews. In the meantime, you can learn more about In the Shadow of Blackbirds, The Cure for Dreaming (including more details about the plot), and other potential future projects in an interview with me at My Friends Are Fiction.

Here are my some of my post-deadline plans for In the Shadow of Blackbirds:

Appearances: I have one yet-to-be-announced appearance scheduled for June, but other in-person events won't start up again until July. Keep an eye on my Events page; I'll be adding appearances as soon as they're confirmed. Prepare for quite a bit of activity this Halloween season (mainly on the U.S. West Coast).

Goodreads Q&A group: I was planning to host an In the Shadow of Blackbirds question and answer forum on Goodreads this month, but because of my current deadline, I've decided to move that event to mid-July. More people will now have time to read the book, so the delay will allow me to permit more spoilery discussions.

The Embers Photo Gallery: I'd love to add a gallery of reader-created spirit photography and fan art on the In the Shadow of Blackbirds website, Check back for details on that project this summer. Before that point, feel free to send me notes and artwork at catwintersbooks AT I'm still checking messages, even as I'm writing.

Happy reading!


Anonymous said...

Where have I been?!? I somehow missed the news on this one!! SO EXCITED. Congrats and also YAY! I will be waiting patiently for more news regarding The Cure for Dreaming! :] - Alyssa

Cat Winters said...

Thanks so much, Alyssa! I was able to announce the news about this new book shortly after IN THE SHADOW OF BLACKBIRDS debuted, so it did get a little lost in the shuffle. I can't wait to share more info about THE CURE FOR DREAMING! Thank you for your enthusiasm!