Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Short Excerpt from THE CURE FOR DREAMING, Read by Me

I'm pleased to present a short excerpt from The Cure for Dreaming. Click on the video below, and you'll hear me reading a hypnotism scene from Chapter One. For the benefit of the hearing impaired, the text appears directly below the video, or you can watch the trailer on YouTube and click on the CC option for subtitles.

The text: My hands weighed several tons. They dropped away from the young hypnotist's fingers, and my chin slumped to my chest. I sank deep inside the darkness in a languid, dreamlike fall. Nothing hurt or troubled me any longer. I felt divine.

The music appearing at the end of the video is "Mostly Ghostly," composed and performed by the highly talented Kristen Lawrence of One of Kristen's other songs, "Dark Glass," served as inspiration for the opening scene of The Cure for Dreaming, a book that first came to me three Halloween seasons ago when I was in the mood to write something theatrical, Victorian, and dreamlike.

If you're hearing about this novel for the first time (and even if you're not), I have a special way to share the plot with you: a sneak peek of the synopsis, as it will be appearing on the inside flap of the dust jacket.

I'm incredibly excited to share this novel with everyone next month (October 14, 2014, in the U.S. and Canada; October 1, 2014, in the UK)!

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