Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My Two August Releases Are Now Available

Back in 2013, I sold my adult novel The Uninvited to HarperCollins, and my short story "Emmeline" sold to Penguin as part of the YA horror anthology Slasher Girls & Monster Boys. Back then I learned that The Uninvited would be published in Summer 2015 and Slasher Girls & Monster Boys would release in Fall 2015. I imagined celebrating their publications about three months apart from each other.

Well, it turned out that Summer 2015 for HarperCollins and Fall 2015 for Penguin fell so close together that these two books ended up publishing only a week apart. They're both available as of today, and I'm so thankful that both publishers allowed them to head out into the world.

Here's more info about both books.

ISBN 9780062347336

. . . exquisite and magical. This story is a gem with so many facets that uphold the tenets of the Gothic genre, the sensibilities of a romance, and the illuminative window to the past of a historical piece.
USA Today’s Happy Ever After

“Dark and romantic . . . at once horrifying and tender.”
Publishers Weekly

“. . . a haunting paranormal tale.
(4 stars)
Romantic Times

“Winters is a talented writer who takes her readers on an audacious ride with this book, her first novel written for an adult audience. The plotting is near perfect.”
Historical Novels Review


Available from Dial/Penguin
ISBN 9780803741737

“Cat Winters’s ‘Emmeline’ is a haunting story of love and loss in wartime . . . This is satisfying, disturbing horror for the modern YA audience.”
Publishers Weekly 

Gross, creepy fun.”
Kirkus Reviews

“These chilling tales are full of suspense and dread that will haunt readers long after the last page has been turned.”
School Library Journal


Please visit my Events page to find out where I'll be appearing to promote both books.

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