Friday, March 4, 2016

Cover reveal: YESTERNIGHT

I'm in the middle of preparing for next week's launch of The Steep and Thorny Way (details about launch activities listed here), but I just also learned that the gorgeous, atmospheric, vibrant cover for my second novel for adults showed up on Goodreads. My editor at HarperCollins gave me the go-ahead to reveal it over here, so, without further ado, I present to you Yesternight . . .

Yesternight, by Cat Winters
October 4, 2016
William Morrow/HarperCollins
A paperback original
ISBN 9780062440860

From the author of The Uninvited comes a haunting historical novel with a compelling mystery at its core. A young child psychologist steps off a train, her destination a foggy seaside town. There, she begins a journey causing her to question everything she believes about life, death, memories, and reincarnation.

In 1925, Alice Lind steps off a train in the rain-soaked coastal hamlet of Gordon Bay, Oregon. There, she expects to do nothing more difficult than administer IQ tests to a group of rural schoolchildren. A trained psychologist, Alice believes mysteries of the mind can be unlocked scientifically, but now her views are about to be challenged by one curious child.

Seven-year-old Janie O’Daire is a mathematical genius, which is surprising. But what is disturbing are the stories she tells: that her name was once Violet, she grew up in Kansas decades earlier, and she drowned at age nineteen. Alice delves into these stories, at first believing they’re no more than the product of the girl’s vast imagination. But, slowly, Alice comes to the realization that Janie might indeed be telling a strange truth.

Alice knows the investigation may endanger her already shaky professional reputation, and as a woman in a field dominated by men she has no room for mistakes. But she is unprepared for the ways it will illuminate terrifying mysteries within her own past, and in the process, irrevocably change her life.


Also coming in ebook and audiobook editions.


Kerri Maniscalco said...

ahhhh! it's so wonderfully atmospheric, cat! LOVE IT! <3333

Carina Olsen said...

Oh, love :D IT IS SO GORGEOUS. Thank you for sharing it Cat. <3 Eee. Such a pretty cover :D I simply cannot wait for this book. <3 Want want want.

Cat Winters said...

Thank you, Kerri and Carina! I love this cover, too!

Congratulations on STALKING JACK THE RIPPER, Kerri!