Friday, February 10, 2017

ODD & TRUE is Now Available to Preorder! And It Has a Release Date!

I now have an official release date for my next young adult novel, Odd & True: September 5, 2017. The cover is currently undergoing some major changes, so it will probably still be a little while before I'm able to share anything, but I know the design will be stunning.

Even without the cover, the novel is starting to show up on sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble for preordering. On the book's page at Abrams, you'll find links to the major online stores that will be carrying it.

Proofreading the typeset pages of Odd & True.
The official synopsis has yet to be revealed, but I will say that it's the story of two Edwardian sisters, Odette and Trudchen Grey, known as Od and Tru. Older sister Od has always told Tru elaborate stories about their past and insists that they're descended from monster hunters. Now that Tru is older, she realizes that her sister has been using these tales to protect her from their family's painful secrets. Tru will now do whatever it takes to learn the truth about who they really are, even if it means she must join her sister on a quest to slay a mythical beast.

I also recently learned that the paperback edition of the The Steep and Thorny Way will be published August 8, 2017.

Much more info coming soon!  

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