Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Book Soundtracks & Music for a Haunted World

This week at The Lucky 13s, we're sharing book soundtracks for our 2013 releases.

If it seems a little early to be discussing such a thing for novels you won't be reading for at least another year, keep in mind that author soundtracks usually consist of songs that inspire writers during the actual writing process. Sometimes a single song can trigger an idea for an entire novel. As we revise our upcoming releases and prepare to launch them into the world, it often helps to go back to the music that influenced us in the first place.

Without revealing anything about the plot that wasn't mentioned in last week's Publishers Marketplace announcement, I've included my In the Shadow of Blackbird soundtrack as my debut Lucky 13s post:

Even though the novel is set in 1918, I'm featuring songs that span from 1914 to 2010, and I'm explaining how they helped me dig into my characters' emotional depths.


Ara Burklund said...

Very cool! I'd love to hear some of the songs from 1914. : )

Cat Winters said...

I posted a video for one of the 1914 songs at The Lucky 13s:

Cat Winters said...

P.S. I'll eventually create a page for WWI music, fashion, etc. For now, you can always watch Snoopy & Schroeder's WWI music montage from the Great Pumpkin: :-)