Wednesday, January 30, 2013! Cover Jacket Photos! Interviews! Book Trailers!

This upcoming Saturday (2/2/13) will mark the two-month countdown point before the release of In the Shadow of Blackbirds, which means a whirlwind of pre-publication activity seems to be happening on a daily basis.

To help celebrate the book's rapidly approaching publication date, I just launched The new website contains info about the novel's historical world, 1918 photos and film clips, links to early-twentieth-century spirit photography galleries, an In the Shadow of Blackbirds soundtrack, an interactive map of San Diego with excerpts from the novel, and other extras.

I'm currently offering an international giveaway at the website: two winners will receive a custom-made In the Shadow of Blackbirds charm bracelet and a signed swag pack. Details can be found on the home page.

The charm bracelets, made by my sister, Carrie.

In other news, my editor sent me samples of the book's finished jacket. Here are some sneak peeks:

The full jacket.
Front cover and inside flap.
Bottom half of back cover.

For a larger view of the text, click on the photos.

And for more info about my novel and me, check out these recent interviews:

Next week, on February 7, my book trailer reveal tour kicks off, thanks to Mod Podge Blog Tours, and the trailer will debut on Valentine's Day. More giveaways will be offered, so please stop by and join the festivities.

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