Saturday, April 13, 2013

Second Starred Review

I was thrilled and stunned when Publishers Weekly honored In the Shadow of Blackbirds with a starred review, so I was doubly amazed when a second such review showed up, this time from Booklist:

A scattering of period photos, including eerie examples of spirit photography, further the sense of time and place, but the main event here is Winters’s unconventional and unflinching look at one of the darkest patches of American history. More than anything, this is a story of the breaking point between sanity and madness, delivered in a straightforward and welcoming teen voice.
Booklist, starred review

The Atlantic Wire also featured In the Shadow of Blackbirds in their recent article "The Spring Book Preview, Y.A. Edition." Here's what they had to say about the novel:

"One of the creepiest (in a good way) covers of the season! What's inside, historical Y.A. set at the time of the Spanish influenza, is equally haunting."

Thanks so much to all the reviewers who are helping to give In the Shadow of Blackbirds a fighting chance in the world!


Robin Koontz said...

Congratulations on your debut novel, it sounds awesome, and all the amazing reviews!! I am so happy that you live in "nerdy" Portland.

Helen Douglas said...

Great reviews Cat! It sounds so good!

Cat Winters said...

Thanks so much, Robin! I'm proud to be a part of nerdy Portland!

Cat Winters said...

Thank you, Helen! :)