Saturday, August 3, 2013

More Details about THE CURE FOR DREAMING

As part of the second annual Authors Are Rockstars Tour, I'm divulging more details about my next novel, The Cure for Dreaming, at the wonderful Carina's Books. The book won't be available until Fall 2014, but over at Carina's site you can learn a little more about the plot and discover which classic horror novel plays a role in the storyplus I'm revealing the name of my young hypnotist character for the very first time. I'm also offering an In the Shadow of Blackbirds/The Cure for Dreaming signed swag giveaway.

My talented Amulet Books editor, Maggie Lehrman, will be sending her editorial notes for this new book in the next month or so, which means I'll soon be ducking away to work on her suggested revisions. She's extremely excited about the novel; I'm extremely excited about it, and I can't wait to share even more info about it.

In the meantime, definitely check out my Authors Are Rockstars post, and if you so desire, have a listen to the song that frequently runs through my head when I'm talking about this historical hypnotist novel of mine...

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