Monday, October 14, 2013

Halloween Blog Tour & Treats

Bloggers have been very kind about inviting me to participate in guest posts and interviews this Halloween season. Here's a list of my visits, many of which include giveaways.

October 4 - "The Ghosts in my House"

October 7- Top 10 Favorite Ghost Songs

October 20 - Top 10 Favorite Ghost Books

October 22 - Interview
The Book Wars

October 23 - Top 10 Favorite Creepy Characters
Candace's Book Blog

October 23 - Interview

October 29 - Top 10 Favorite Haunted Sites

October 30 - How to Give Your Readers Chills

Special Halloween Treat: If you dress like an In the Shadow of Blackbirds character for Halloween, please send me a link to a photo of you in costume. I will mail a signed bookplate and bookmark to anyone who does so. Send photos to catwintersbooks AT, or send your link via Twitter (@catwinters).

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