Tuesday, October 1, 2019

My Epic 2019 Halloween Giveaway!

It's here!!!!

First, I must give credit for this giveaway idea and format to Shannon Messenger. Several years ago, I met Shannon at an author dinner, and she gave the advice of running "superfan" giveaways for readers, as opposed to giveaways where anyone can enter by simply retweeting or liking a post.

Now that I have seven books out in the world, I feel the time is right to heed that advice.


Let's start with the prize!

ONE winner will receive ONE signed, annotated copy of ONE of my novels. The winner will get to choose which novel they want to receive. By annotated I mean that I'll go through the entire book of the winner's choice and write little notes in the margins about the importance of certain lines, reasons behind character names, fun facts about the settings, and other behind-the-scenes details I don't typically share anywhere else. I have never done this for any of my books before, so this is an extremely rare, one-of-a-kind prize!

Because this giveaway item is so special and will likely take me several weeks to prepare, I will only select ONE random winner. And I will make you work a little bit to enter. If you've read at least one of my novels, entering should, hopefully, prove to be fun and easy.

How to enter!

You must complete BOTH Step One and Step Two!!!

STEP ONE. Choose one of the following options:

  • On a social media site of your choice, post your own original photo of one of my novels. In either the photo or your comment for the photo, you must include your favorite quote from the book. You can post a selfie of you and the book and/or take a photo of the book in a bookstore, a library, an eerie setting, or wherever you wish, but you absolutely must include your favorite quote somewhere in your post.
  • On a social media site of your choice, post your fan art for one of my novels. You may use any medium you wish to create your art. Videos are also welcome. Please include the name of the novel somewhere in your post.
  • On a social media site of your choice, post a photo of you cosplaying one of my characters. Please include the name of the character and the novel that character is from somewhere in your post.
  • On a social media site, post your own original poem or song inspired by one of my novels. You may post the written poem or lyrics, or you may post a video of you reading the poem or singing the lyrics. Please include the name of the novel that inspired your work somewhere in your post.


All entries must be posted online sometime between 12:00 am Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) October 1, 2019, and 11:59 pm PDT October 31, 2019. If you've already posted fan art, photos, etc., thank you so much, but you must create a new post or share your post on another social media site during the giveaway dates to be eligible to win.

STEP TWO. You must fill out the entry form below!

To have your entry counted, fill out the form below. You may post on more than one social media site, and you may choose to do more than one of the above-mentioned types of posts and/or create entries for more than one of my books, but please fill out the form every time you create a new post or post on another site. You'll receive an extra entry credit each time you fill out the form, which will increase your chance of winning!

You must be 13 or over to enter. If you're under 18, you must have permission from an adult to enter.

On the form you'll be asked to choose which of my books you'd like to have annotated if you're my winner. Please see the YA Books and Adult Books pages of this site for more information about each of my novels. Please make your selection carefully. Once I start working on the annotation, I cannot change which book I send you.



To link up with other people's posts, use the hashtag #catwintersgiveaway (optional). Feel free to also tag me (Twitter/Pinterest: @catwinters; Instagram/Facebook: @catwintersbooks), especially if you'd like me to potentially retweet or repost your entry (also optional). I cannot guarantee that I'll repost or retweet.

I will contact the winner via email by November 3, 2019. If you do not receive an email from me by that date, unfortunately, that means you did not win. Thank you in advance to everyone who enters! I appreciate you joining my online Halloween party!

I know I've included a lot of information. Feel free to ask questions in the comments section of this post here on CatWinters.com. 

Good luck! 


Alexis Shirk said...

Does my personal blog count as a social media site?

Cat Winters said...

Great question! Yes, I will count posts on personal blogs. Thanks for asking!